iRODS 4.2.1 is the newest iRODS release.


Up-to-date iRODS Documentation is at

Release notes are available at

Source Code

iRODS source code is available on GitHub at

Binary Distributions

RPM and DEB formats are available. There are variations available for combinations of platform and operating system.

More combinations will be made available as our testing matrix continues to mature and increase in scope.

In order to install the latest packages, configure your package manager to include our APT or YUM repository. Instructions may be found at

iRODS is currently built and tested on:

  • Ubuntu 12
  • Ubuntu 14
  • CentOS 6
  • CentOS 7

Installation Examples

sudo apt-get install irods-server irods-database-plugin-postgres
sudo yum install epel-release
sudo yum install irods-server irods-database-plugin-postgres

Upgrade Examples

sudo apt-get install irods-server irods-database-plugin-postgres
sudo yum update irods-server irods-database-plugin-postgres

4-1-stable Packages

Before the move to APT and YUM repositories, the binary iRODS packages were made available via FTP.
Please note:
  • Deploying an iCAT server requires the iCAT package and one database plugin package.
  • Additional resource servers may be deployed using the resource server package.
  • To deploy iCommands on a client machine, use the iCommands package.


iCAT Server

*Please see this rpm installation how-to before installing.

Database Plugins

Note: lib_mysqludf_preg functions are required for MySQL. See the iRODS documentation for details.

Resource Server
iCommands CLI

This package installs just the client iCommands. Install this package if you want to have a system-wide installation of the iCommands (in /usr/bin), but do not want the entire server. The iCommands are already included in both the iCAT and Resource packages - so installing this package in addition is unnecessary (and will conflict).

Please confirm any checksum values before installing: checksums.txt


Installation Examples

With .deb packages:

sudo dpkg -i irods-icat-4.1.11-ubuntu14-x86_64.deb irods-database-plugin-postgres-1.11-ubuntu14-x86_64.deb
sudo apt-get -f install

With .rpm packages:
Read and follow the RPM_INSTALLATION_HOWTO.txt instructions before installing an RPM.

sudo rpm -i irods-icat-4.1.11-centos6-x86_64.rpm irods-database-plugin-postgres93-1.11-centos6-x86_64.rpm

Upgrade Examples

With .deb package:

sudo dpkg -i irods-icat-4.1.11-ubuntu14-x86_64.deb irods-database-plugin-postgres-1.11-ubuntu14-x86_64.deb

Note, the database plugin should be upgraded at the same time as the iCAT plugin.

With .rpm package:

sudo rpm -U irods-database-plugin-postgres93-1.11-centos6-x86_64.rpm
sudo rpm -U irods-icat-4.1.11-centos6-x86_64.rpm

Note, the database plugin *must* be upgraded first, then the main iCAT plugin may be upgraded.

Development Tools

This package installs all the relevant header files necessary for development of iRODS plugins (microservices, resources, etc.). The development package requires the runtime package.

Runtime Libraries

This package installs precompiled shared object (.so) files. The runtime package is a dependency of the development package.

Authentication Plugins
Resource Plugins
Microservice Plugins

Earlier versions:

Binaries for iRODS 4.0.3 | iRODS 4.0.3 Manual | Source code for iRODS 3.3.1 and earlier